CT Jackson

History and discussion about the founders of anethesia.

  • The Chloroform “Invasion” of Boston in 1848: JY Simpson, JC Warren, CT Jackson, MS Wyman, AR Thompson, W Channing, JM Warren and DK Hitchcock Tout Their Views

    Abstract only
    Maurice S. Albin
    Vol. 16, Issue 1, p1

This paper describes the 48 page pamphlet that appeared on February 1, 1 848, written by James Young Simpson and titled Remarks on the Superinduction of Anaesthesia in Natural and Morbid Parturition: with Cases Illustrative of the Use and Effects of Chloroform in Obstetric Practice”. The paper includes the contributions by Charles T Jackson to the chloroform invasion.

Three anethesia pioneers and their milestones are discussed.

History and accomplishments of Charles Thomas Jackson, one of the leading claimants to discovery of general anesthesia and his 1845 letter.

This article presents the first accurate and complete transcription of C.T. Jackson's original 13 November 1846 letter to the French Academy of Sciences' Professor J.B.A.L.L. Élie de Beaumont. Jackson revealed, in this letter dated November 13, 1846, his own initial emphasis on fame over fortune for discovering ether's anesthetic properties.

Charles Thomas Jackson and his diagnoses are explored in the context of Jackson’s life in order to explain why he did not carry his initial thoughts to fruition.

  • C.T. Jackson's 15 October 1846 Letter to J.-B.A.L. Elie de Beaumont: Jackson's Thoughts on Ether Day's Eve?

    Abstract only
    George S. Bause, Patrick P. Sim, M. Paul
    Vol. 29, Issue 1, p12–14

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